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100% of the profits from the sale of TGF merchandise goes to support Bone Marrow Donor Registration, Cancer Research,
and to support local events, charities, and individuals
which raise money to fight the terrible disease.

More options will be available soon – Tyler had a great sense of humor and designed a number of very sarcastic, funny, but now ultimately poignant shirts and sayings about cancer and what kids and adults fighting cancer must endure.

Tyler used his sense of humor on a daily basis to battle through the tough days, and now we are using that legacy to continue the fight against cancer.

The “RIP TBG” shirt design was made to honor Tyler on his 15th birthday, and the “Tyler 12 Fish” car sticker has been worn by football teams, on cars, in lockers, on notebooks, and anywhere else one could be stuck – they represent Tyler’s jersey number and his two passions in life: Faith and Football.

The “Swing Poem” was written by Tyler’s dad the night he died about a swing he hung for Tyler in their backyard. A memorable and touching poem, it is much more about the love between father and son than about a boy’s favorite swing.

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